The School of The Spirit is the academic arm of Kornerstone Counselling Centre.


Our Classes are designed for students to learn how to walk in the spirit by harnessing the power of the Holy Spirit within them and understanding the work of Christ.

The Christ Class


Students will learn:
About JESUS CHRIST, Who HE was and IS. What HE means to us now and the depth of the gift GOD has given us.

To appreciate the life of a child of GOD modelled after CHRIST and understand the redemption experience.

The Samuel Class

Students will:
Become familiar with the Voice of GOD and how HE speaks to you.
Hear GODs Voice for yourself & your family. Start to have an understanding of dreams, visions and their interpretations.

Learn more about who you are in Christ.

The Faith Class

Students will learn:
How to speak the Word of GOD and see the manifestation of it around you.
Apply the principles of faith to your present life circumstances and see success in everything. The difference between standing in now faith and having hope or future expectation.


- The Christ Class
- The Samuel Class
- The Faith Class
- The Ezekiel Class
- The School of The Prophets
- The Pure Heart

For more information on all our classes, and registration dates, contact us: