You Will Testify!

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I am writing to testify of the goodness of the Lord. I did an audit of the prophecies I received in 2020 during early morning meetings, vigils and Tarry Meetings. I reflected through them and realized that every one of them came to pass and are still my reality, especially one which was a direct word concerning a long standing issue for my family. All issues have been resolved and those that pertained to my growth and career are happening and working out as said. The precision and encouragement of the prophecies I received are humbling and reassures me that GOD is with me.
GOD indeed proved HIMSELF faithful in 2020, it was a year of spiritual awakening and restoration for me. Participating in your activities really helped and supported me to boost my faith and knowledge of GOD (especially after going through the CHRIST class). Most importantly, I received new tongues and revelations from GOD and literally hear HIM. To GOD be all glory. I pray that GOD continues to the Kstone Team and use you all for HIS glory.

- Anonymous

Praise God for me.   A new passport has been issued me also I have been given unconditional offer of admission into University  to study for my MSc . Also Especially thank God , I went to discuss with them on how to pay by direct debit because I find it difficult to save up for the School fees but they request for my pay slip which after looking @ it they said I will be given funding as it is below the threshold for one with a dependant child.  Thanks be to God who sits upon the Mercy seat of heaven, for all the prophecies and revelation backing this year of Realignment. Let Jehovah be magnified.  God bless  Pastor FOL and all the Pastor & Vessels in the hand of Jehovah in   Kornerstone Counselling Centre  for all the good work you all do .

- Anonymous

Last month or so, during one of the ‘Vintage Woman Prayer Meeting’, after the confessions, Sis Toriseju gave a word to a lady (can’t remember the details) and instructed her to take salt and water solution.

At this point, I felt God saying to me “listen to what she said to her” but I knew (saw a picture) that in my case, God wanted me to mix the salt with my liquid soap to make a scrub and use on my itchy leg.

A background story; in 2018, I visited my friend who lived at Idaho estate a couple of times and my skin reacted to their water. This is not the first time it had happened, back in 2014 as well when I was in Lekki.

In the past, I used recommended antibacterial/fungal creams which never really worked as the itching would occur at night. The creams were only pacifiers.

Now, my leg is healed. I know this because, since that day, I haven’t scratched my leg or felt an itch or irritation. The wounds are dried up now.

I thank God for healing me, he heard my cries and prayers!

- Anonymous

We’ve been praying for our children for past few weeks, on Saturday i called them when the prayer was going on to pray for themselves, and my 14yrs old prayed about his academics and his football because he had an injury last 2yrs it affected him,this is a boy that play’s well all the time, so he prayed that he will never be on the bench again on Saturday, and on Sunday they had a match he was put in to play, brethren my son gave 2 goals during the fist half, after the break he gave another one, and they played him throughout. This is a boy that normally he will be on the bench anf and even when given the opportunity just 5mins . our awesome God proved himself that he is with in Kornerstone. Even b4 we ask he have answered. Please brethren join me and thank our ever faithful father. He has done it again and he will continue to do that which only him can do.

- Uju A.

I want to appreciate God and this ministry for the manifestation of His numerous blessings in my life and that of my kids. Last year December, a prophecy came that I will be nominated or recommended for something big. I sincerely couldn’t fathom what it might be going by my reality at that time but behold last week, I was announced to be a judge in a maiden singing competition in my organisation. My Organisation is a multinational company, so you understand how big this is! This is huge for me and I deeply want to tell God that I am grateful and to my Kornerstone family, I love you all.

- Precious E.

I want to thank God for great deliverance that the Lord did in my life. He delivered me from a fraud in which i signed out the instruction that involved in excess of €1 million pounds. He revealed it in a dream last week about the shame and disgrace in my career and i started praying. God nipped it at the bud, eventhough the money left our account it is presently returned.

- Anonymous

My Brother’s school fees for his Fall Semester was supposed to be due September 1st but his school moved it earlier to August 1st and it’s 10,000 Canadian Dollars.

Myself and my parents didn’t have it so instead of worry, I chose to hold on to the prophecy I got during the early morning prayers last week. It was about God already making provision for me so I thanked God every time my brother’s school fees came to mind.

Last week my dad was talking to a family friend and my brother came up in their discussion and this person sent his COMPLETE fees the next day & it wasn’t a loan!

I thank God!

- AJ

I’d like to give a testimony of increase. This lunch hour has really shifted my mind and how I walk with God. I took time off work for almost a year, and I recently started praying about the work of my hands(career wise) since joining lunch hour prayer meeting. 

Just yesterday, I got a full time job offer for a job I did not apply for!! Pays more than I got before I left. God literally brought this opportunity to me. Praise God!  ALL GOOD THINGS ARE MINE!

- Anonymous